Documentary: Seasons of China, the 24 Solar Terms

Updated on 06/08/2020 

The calendar system that Chinese have been using since thousands years ago is actually a combination of both solar and lunar systems. the 24 solar terms plays a very important role in helping agriculture in China and is also given special meanings culturally. It was inscribed in the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. 

This series of documentary video made by CNC network shall help you know more about the 24 solar terms of China. 

The first upcoming term shall be 立夏 (Li Xia) or Beginning of Summer, which falls on 5th May, 2020. Please follow us for more.

20th May, 2020 Less Fullness 小满 (Xiao Man)

05th June, 2020 Grain in Ear 芒种 (Mang Zhong)

06th July, 2020 Lesser Heat 小暑 (Xiao Shu)

22nd July, 2020 Great Heat 大暑 (Da Shu)

07th August, 2020 Beginning of Autumn 立秋 (Li Qiu)

Stay tuned......

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