About China Cultural Center in Luxembourg
Established by the Chinese Government and with consent of the Luxembourgish Government, China Cultural Center in Luxembourg is dedicated to promote among local people awareness of and appreciation for Chinese culture and art through cultural events and activities. As soon as the renovation of the premise is done, the Center will offer programs that aim to enhance the existing friendship, encourage dialogue and foster mutual understanding between China and Luxembourg.
The center is granted the status as a non-profit entity under the authority of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Luxembourg.
Our Mission
As a gateway to Chinese Culture at your door step, CCCL is dedicated to providing a comprehensive image of China and Chinese Cultural through quality contemporary and traditional Chinese cultural content in order to strengthen bonds between China and Luxembourg with mutual respect and ongoing partnerships.
Host a variety of cultural events such as exhibitions, performances, seminars, panel discussion, film screenings etc on a regular basis.
Furnish short-terms training courses such as language classes, martial art and taichi workshops as well as traditional Chinese painting and Chinese instrument courses etc.
House a library to provide easy accessibility to the general public and to create a friendly environment for the learning of Chinese culture .


A Multi-function Hall for maximum 100 audience with a stage and audio-video system.
An Exhibition Hall of 200 square meters with movable walls.
A library of 3000 books in Chinese and other languages.
Five classrooms of different size including a dance classroom.