Go, referred to as Weiqi in China, is a captivating and ancient board game that traces its origins back over 2,500 years.

This strategic masterpiece is played by two individuals on a gridded board, aiming to claim territory by strategically placing black and white stones. The objective is simple yet profound: outmaneuver your opponent by encircling more territory while simultaneously thwarting their efforts. What makes Go truly remarkable is its sheer complexity, offering a vast number of possible moves and intricate patterns that challenge players to think several steps ahead.

As the black and white stones dance across the board, players engage in a mental symphony that transcends the boundaries of typical strategy games.

Course Information

Group lesson, Max 12 Spots per class


Mixed-level classes


Sunday   15:30-17:00


From 6 years old


German, English, Chinese

Course Fees

(Please only pay after we inform you about the payment time. And please note that there will be no refund of missed lessons due to personal reasons.)

Adult students :

5 sessions per term (1 session per week)

Duration: 1.5 hour/session (7.5 hours per term)

Tuition fee : 75€ per term

Minor students (under 18 years old):

5 sessions per term (1 session per week)

Duration: 1.5 hour/session (7.5 hours per term)

Tuition fee : 50€ per term


The course fee includes teaching materials and classroom equipments.

Course Teacher


Haojiang Zou

Haojiang Zou was a member of the Shanghai Go Training Team and the Shanghai University Go Team. After arriving in Europe, she actively participated in major European Go competitions. She was a famous female Go player in Europe. Current Vice President of the Luxembourg Go Association.

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