Poverty alleviation is one of the most concerned issues of the international community. The primary goal set forth by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is to “eradicate all forms of poverty around the world”. A strong driver in promoting the sustainable economic and social development of poverty-stricken areas, the rapid development of tourism in recent years provides a path of poverty alleviation for many poverty-stricken areas and impoverished people. Poverty alleviation through tourism has become a key area of poverty alleviation around the world.Upholding “poverty alleviation through tourism” as one of its significant mission, the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) has been proactively involved in case studies and theoretical research, and carried out a series of international activities, showcasing the experience and achievements through various media to the international community. For two consecutive years, 2018 and 2019 , WTA, in partnership with the World Bank and International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC) released the WTA Best Practice in Poverty Alleviation through Tourism at WTA •Xianghu Dialogue, contributing practices and wisdom to the cause of poverty alleviation through tourism. Based on this, WTA shot a 5-episode short video in 2019, a 3-episode short video in 2020 entitled “Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World” featuring China’s experience and achievements in poverty alleviation through tourism to the world. Please click the play button to watch the video.