The beauty of the countryside exists in the picturesque natural scenery and the rich folk customs inherited from generation to generation. There are ancient handicrafts, myths and fairy tales passed down orally, and traditional music, drama and time-honored production and customs. These intangible cultural heritages carry the cultural memory of all ethnic groups, and they are the spiritual spirits worth protecting.

        The "Beautiful Countryside and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection" video exhibition selects five beautiful villages from all over China - Qingyang in Gansu, Leishan in Guizhou, Huayuan in Hunan, Nimu in Tibet and Fugong in Yunnan, and introduces their new stories that are full of life with the efforts of inheritors and protectors. Ancient Chinese poets said the place that made them feel at ease was their hometown. The beautiful countryside now is becoming the dream land for more and more urbanites. Please click the play button to watch the videos.