Focusing on key projects of "Belt and Road" international cooperation in cultural and tourism industries, 6 distinctive tourism performing arts projects are selected and reproduced into short videos.

Digital Yuanmingyuan ER Exhibition des Lumières

         Combining culture with art and science & technology from a contemporary perspective, Yuanmingyuan is represented in the time space, a new form of digital relics + immersive multimedia. 720° fully immersive space, 500㎡ full vision linkage image, 5G/8K, AI/AR and other technologies create an extraordinary 4  exhibition experience. Based on 20 years of research conducted by Tsinghua University, the original appearance of Yuanmingyuan is reconstructed from the intricate clues of historical materials, map files, archaeological excavation sites, old photos, copper plate painting and so on. Let us reveal the vanishing beauty of the landscape and re-interpret the culture, art and philosophy within the garden.

Night tour of the world of lanterns 

         The first national 5A-class scenic spot featuring the color lighting industry was built in Zigong, Sichuan Province. Creative design, technical study, and lantern exhibition formed an industrial base of lantern production internationally. Color lamp theme park combined cultural tourism, vacation hotel, leisure and amusement projects as a large-scale international cultural tourism complex. With the construction of intelligent ecological community and city supporting, Zigong has become a tourist city with Chinese characteristics in the all aspects. 

Silk Road 

         In 1979, With the pursuit of art and the respect of Dunhuang culture, choreographers of Opera and Dance Drama Theatre of Gansu Province went to Mogao Grottoes seven times for the study on the beautiful Dunhuang mural, created them into a Dance Drama Silk Road. Since of the birth of Silk Road, a new dance category called Dunhuang Dance appeared, furthermore Dunhuang became a hot spot of concern cross China, even around the world. "Silk Road" has now become a name card of Gansu culture with traditional depth, innovation height and dissemination strength, and is loved by audiences all over the world. 

The Peach Colony

         Live landscape spectacle "The Peach Colony", locating in Changde, Hunan province, is the first river theatre in the world, featuring a new immersive mode of live performances combining a river tour in the landscape, vividly restored the scenery described in the poem of The Peach Colony by Mr. Tao Yuanming. More than 360 local farmers taking part in perform in the river theatre with modern stage lighting to restore the natural and peaceful paradise of "The fragrant grass is fresh, the fallen flowers are in profusion" so as to audially and visually bring the audience easy and happy feeling just like living an idyllic life in the Chinese poem. 

Dreaming in Hometown 

         "Dreaming in Hometown", a large-scale landscape performance, is located in Wuyuan, Jiangxi Province. Based on natural landscape, it combines traditional stage art with advanced sound, light and electric technology. In four acts of spring, summer, autumn and winter, it interprets the hard-working story of Huizhou merchants, a moving love of constancy, the prosperity of imperial examination culture, and the ups and downs of martial arts legend. The performance will lead the audience traveling through the ancient Huizhou and Wuyuan in the dream to discover the essence of agricultural civilization, and experience the long-lost customs and homesickness, and find the hometown out of people's hearts.   

Song of the Moon 

         "Song of the Moon", a large-scale immersive live landscape performance, is located in Moon Island in Xin'an River, Jiande, Hangzhou. The performance uses large-scale multimedia projection to create an incomparable "visual field". Luminous colorful flowers, light fog and light time tunnel, including river view, rain fall, trees, birds, battlefield fire, starlight, lightning and thunder, these interpret the beauty of historical humanity and the greatness of the landscape by the modern technology. In addition, a large elevated water gushing system is used to create images of the river, towering waves and the Xin'an River Dam, so that the performance space is integrated with the projected natural objects, forming an interactive performance between actors and their shadows. The audience seems to have walked into a beautiful surreal world.