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            The 24 solar terms carry the natural attributes of time that have been in Chinese civilization since ancient times. As a result of Chinese people’s observations  and realization of nature and the universe, they offer profound insight into the rhythm of life in the harmonious interaction between humankind and nature. The 24 solar terms are a poetic presentation of the lifestyle of Chinese people, which also provides practical guidance on agricultural production.

            Reflected by the “24 solar terms”, the changes and interactions of seasons, climate and phenology in a year are embodied in various traditions of Chinese culture, including cuisines, customs, poetry, prose, farming, sacrifice ceremonies, traditional Chinese medicine, health preservation, calligraphy, painting, and music. These traditions convey Chinese people’s perspectives on the universe and philosophy in respect of nature and in accordance to laws of nature.

         We have carefully selected artworks about solar terms to contemplate humankind's reverence for time and nature with you in Luxembourg. Hope you enjoy the story of time.