The beauty of Hechuan Chongqing lies in the scenic backdrop of the Jialing, Fujiang and Qujiang rivers that source from the Himalayas, and eulogized in the famous work ‘Evening Rains of Bashan Mountains,’ written by the Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin.

Performance by the three rivers of Hechuan

         The beauty of Hechuan lies in ancient charm and character spanning a thousand years, embodied through the sites of Diaoyu Citadel and Laitan Old Town, as well as the historical figures of Zhou Dunyi, ‘the originator of science,’ Tao Xingzhi, ‘educator of the people,’ and the ‘patriotic industrialist’ Lu Zuofu.

         The beauty of Hechuan lies in exotic style. The bright colors of child paintings, dragon boat races, and the millennium-old ‘Three River Trumpet’ all exude regional custom.

         Diaoyu Citadel overlooks the intersection of the Jialing, Fujiang, and Qujiang rivers from atop precipitous cliffs. It is a national-level scenic location with protected cultural relics. Between the late Song Dynasty years of 1243 and 1279, military and civilians miraculously resisted the Mongolian Empire in over 200 battles spanning 36 years.

Diaoyu Citadel fought off the Mongolian Empire for 36 years.

         Walking through the streets of Laitan Old Town, one can experience the serene passage of time, Surrounded by mountains, rivers, and steeped in a rich blend of protected cultural relics, such as the green-tiled houses, elegant stone alleys, and the Erfo Temple, home to over 1,700 stone carvings.

         Admire the beautiful scene of three rivers converging at the scenic viewing platform. Take the Diaoyu and Chuanjiang cruise ships direct to the citadel or Laitan Ancient Town. Rent a yacht, speedboat, motorboat, or sailboat, and enjoy the sight of Wenfeng Ancient Street, Zhou Dunyi Pavilion, and the ecological park from on the river. Hechuan upgraded the waterfront to complement its rich natural endowments and launched sightseeing projects such as the exciting nighttime light shows.

         Shuanglong Lake is a national scenic area for water conservation. Row a boat and admire your dancing reflection upon the rippled silver waters.
The lake covers about 460 hectares, the largest reservoir amongst the suburbs of Chongqing. There are many outlying islands, peninsulas, and coves to explore in this idyllic setting, a perfect getaway for tourists in the hot summer months.

Go sailing along the rivers of Hechuan.

         Alongside the Qujiang River, there is a stunning 50-kilometer country path that connects the cultural heritage sites of Diaoyu Citadel and Laitan Old Town. Travelers can explore the pathway on electric tour vehicles, by bicycle or on foot. Whichever way, people love visiting for exercise, sightseeing, and recreation by the waters’ edge.

         Hechuan is a top fishing destination! The Leisure Fishing Country of China attracts fishers with great locations such as Shuanglong Lake, Baihe Lake, and the Jialing River. In recent years, consecutive top-level competitions such as the International Fishing Open and China Jialing River Water Fishing Competitions were hosted by Hechuan District.

Laitan Ancient Town.

         Admiration and Nostalgia for Pastoral Bliss

         Relax the pace of life amid the scenic backdrop of Hechuan. Behold azure waves ripple across the lakes, dance among colorful seas of flowers, and take long deep breaths in this natural oxygen bar. People immerse themselves in this natural landscape painting to experience true peace of body and mind.

         Caojie Fishing Village is a country retreat combining the backdrop of Caohang Dam with fishing banquets alongside ancient streets. There are fishing village themed homestays, Caojie Resort, and rafting down Longtan Creek. Visitors can also explore the nearby Tao Xingzhi Memorial( Hall and research education base.

An artistic impression of Tianlong Valley.

         Jialong West Sea is a tropical style resort offering blue skies, clear water, sunny beaches; wetlands, grasslands, flowers, and the aromas of fruit. It is also a fun location where families can enjoy the delights of camping, fishing, and great food.

         Behold the mighty Longtan waterfall, tour the glass corridor bridge, and frolic in the mountain brooks. In Tianlong Valley, visitors can sense the unique charm of the Yaju Hotel, Romantic Flower Sea, Fengshui Street, Yanju log cabin, country guesthouses, and rustic dining. There are outdoor parent-child adventures, farming culture experiences, and folk culture, all combined into this relaxed scenic valley.

         Balsam pears, space pumpkins, spaghetti squash, and five-finger eggplants are just a few examples of the exotic fruits in Youjun Ecological Park. There is also the first private chili museum in China, where visitors can see over 200 varieties from around the world. Pepper varieties, plus also the Tulip Sea, dubbed the queen of all flower plantations worldwide.


Specialty fish dishes are aplenty among the three rivers of Hechuan.