In this exhibition, Chongqing Qijiang Farmers’ Prints--- “Wonderful Works of Folk Art in China” will display various farmers’ creativity, which are mainly light-hearted, vivid, and simple art pieces from thousands of years of Chinese history.

In the Qin Dynasty, over 2000 years ago, artisans in the Qijiang area began painting on sturdy stone walls. As a result, it captures ethnic minorities' everyday lives. It boasts a rich flavor of ethnic customs and energy of life since it represents local practices.

The phrase indicates that a variety of well-liked regional folk art techniques, including paper cutouts, cross-stitching, wood engraving, and blue fabric with a white motif, have been absorbed. It has a great artistic value due to the natural color scheme, the harmonious expression of the emotions and the scenery, and the natural color arrangement.