The image of Jiangxi

Starting with "How to describe the image of Jiangxi" from a first-person perspective, this video skillfully combines Jiangxi poetry with sensory experience, aesthetic poetry and perfect picture quality from three dimensions of vision, hearing and touch, vividly interprets the unique charm of Jiangxi cultural tourism resources, and enables the audience to get a full sense of immersion and extreme beauty.

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Beautiful pictures along the Yangtze River (Jiangxi section)

Located south of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Jiangxi, well known for its unique landscape, is a beautiful place of cultural convergence since ancient times and is home to many scenic spots and rich cultural heritage sites. The project will take you on a tour to enjoy the unique beauty of Jiangxi with infinite scenery. You can admire the beauty of the landscape, the abundance of culture, the fun of traditions, and the joy of leisure from the three perspectives: humanities, nature, and cities.