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          Miao Minority Series Pohui Group refers to the festival activities held in towns and villages of Rongshui County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region during the period from the third to the seventeenth day of the first lunar month every spring. The cultural form of Miao Minority Series Pohui Group of Rongshui in Guangxi is embodied in songs, dances and music.



During the holding of the slope fair, young men and women from dozens of miles around, dressed in festival costumes, blowing the Lusheng, gathered in Gulongpo. The slope was full of people, dressed in red and green. In addition to burning incense and firecrackers, they also held cultural and sports activities such as dragon dance, lion playing, Lusheng stepping on the hall, horse fighting, bird fighting, horse racing, etc. Among them, Douma attracts a large number of audiences with fierce fighting and thrilling excitement.

It is also a festival for visiting relatives and friends. For young lovers, it is an opportunity to talk about their feelings. At the Poe Fair, young men and women sang Miao songs and danced in the hall to express their yearning for a better life and their pursuit of pure love. Lusheng is the Miao family's favorite folk musical instrument. Every slope meeting must have Lusheng. Lusheng music includes welcome music, farewell music, road borrowing music, celebration music, etc.