Welcome to “Visiting China Online” series! We are pleased to present the exhibition “The Ancient Silk Road Kingdom of Kucha”. A photo exhibition documenting the charm of Xinjiang, China.

Kucha, located in the center-west Xinjiang, was a political, economic, and cultural center of the ancient Western Regions, as well as the only place where the four great civilizations converged. It bears the reputation the “Entertainment Capital of the Western Regions”, “Home of Music and Dance”. Several monuments in Kucha are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list: The Kizil Gaha Beacon Tower, Kubashi Tample and the famous Kizil Caves.; The Sama Dance and the Twelve Muqams.

Kucha, is the hometouwm of Kumarajiva, one of the three great translators of Buddhist scripture in ancient China. It is also the birthplace of two forms of intangible cultural heritage  traditional musical works and dance music styles: moqam music, summa dance and more.

This photo exhibition provides a glimpse into the history, the culture, and the magical nature of Kucha. The exhibition is divided into six parts showing the ruins of The Subashi Temple; The Kizilgaha Beacon Tower; The Tainshan Grand Canyon; Yardang Landforms; Duku Highway; The Big and Small Longchi Ponds Scienic area; Apricots of Kucha; Kucha Folk Costums, and The Earthenware of Kucha.