Lanting Chinese Calligraphy Culture Salon 

Time: May 2nd 14:30 pm

Free Entry Without Registration

Location: 3, Boulevard Joseph II
L-1840 Luxembourg

The China Cultural Center in Luxembourg , in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism of Hubei Province , will host the Lanting Chinese Calligraphy Culture Salon.

During the event, Zhang Shaohui, Vice Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Calligraphers Association and the Professor of Calligraphy at the Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg, will deliver a lecture introducing relevant knowledge about Chinese calligraphy.

Zhang Shaohui will also conduct a calligraphy workshop at the event, guiding the audience through learning and experiencing the art.

The exhibition 'Explore Hubei, Encounter the Tao Te Ching ----The Orchid Pavilion Gathering Calligraphy Exhibition' will also be featured at the event. Over thirty exquisite calligraphy pieces from Hubei will lead you to experience Oriental aesthetics with every brushstroke, immerse you in the transcendental philosophy of Laozi, and explore the mystery and romance of Chu culture.

The event is free to attend without registration. We welcome you to join us in the world of calligraphy art.