Title:Our Time Will Come

Directed byAnn Hui

Duration: 130mins

Time: 16/03/2023 19:00

Location: 3, Boulevard Joseph II

L-1840 Luxembourg

Free Entry

Synopsis: The story takes place in Hong Kong in the 1940s. A young girl named Fang Lan, and her mother, live together and rely on each other. They rent out the second floor of their house to a writer, Mao Dun, and his wife, Kong Dezhi. Fang Lan is obsessed with Mao Dun’s writing, she felt the passionate enthusiasm of revolution and the surge of national integrity. However, Fang Lan knows little about the volatile situation and tense political atmosphere around her. Liu Jinjin is a progressive young man with excellent fighting skills, that is entrusted by the party to escort a group of important literati stranded in Hong Kong back to mainland China (including Mao Dun and his family). Fang Lan was accidentally dragged into the dangerous operation, and with the advice and encouragement of Liu Jinjin, she joins the revolutionary party, after what the mother and daughter are pulled into a billowing torrent of history.

In Mandarin with EN sub-titles.