Title:Monster Hunt 2

Directed byRaman Hui

Duration: 110mins

Time: 23/03/2023 19:00

Location: 3, Boulevard Joseph II

L-1840 Luxembourg

Free Entry

Synopsis: After being separated from Huba, Tianyin takes Xiaolan on his father-seeking path with the help of Yun, the head of the Hall of Heavenly Masters. The two learn of Song Daitian’s (Tianyin’s father) history of protecting demons. Huba, upon returning to Yongning Village, is once again hunted down by the demon king. Fleeing from the Demon King’s pursuit, he meets a gambler named Tu Sigu and a demon. The three of them begin an interdependent lifestyle, but Tu Sugu’s crippling debts cause them plenty of trouble. At the same time, rumour has it that the Demon King has a big bounty on Huba. The army of the demon world, the elite of the heavenly masters, and many others, set off a storm in Qingshui Town in the hunt for Huba. During this dire moment, Tianyin and Xiaolan find Huba through the Hall of Heavenly Masters and rescue him from danger. Unbeknownst to them, a major conspiracy awaits them…

In Mandarin with EN sub-titles.