Title:Operation Red Sea

Directed byDante Lam

Duration: 138mins

Time: 30/03/2023 19:00

Location: 3, Boulevard Joseph II

L-1840 Luxembourg

Free Entry

Synopsis: Outside the territorial waters of Somalia, a Chinese merchant ship has been hijacked and the entire crew is being held captive. The Jiaolong Unit sneaks onto the merchant ship and prepares for a surprise attack, in which they successfully save the hostages. On their homeward voyage, a coup takes place in the Yewaire Republic in North Africa. A terrorist organization teams up with the rebel forces to attack the capital, putting local Chinese working in the country in danger. The naval warship receives orders to divert their course and head for the country to evacuate Chinese citizens. However, while covering the Chinese citizen’s evacuation, the Jiaolong Unit receives information that a Chinese citizen has been kidnapped. The team feels a great sense of responsibility as it sets off on a rescue mission once more. Their route is dangerous and this is going to be far from a simple rescue mission when the terrorists’ evil plans come into light…

In Mandarin with EN sub-titles.