Directed byZhang Yimou

Duration: 115mins

Time: 27/04/2023 19:00

Location: 3, Boulevard Joseph II

L-1840 Luxembourg

Free Entry

Synopsis: This is the story of a surrogate. Surrogates have existed since ancient times. They were known as “shadows”. Where there were assassinations, there were shadows. A shadow must step forward bravely and risk their life to serve their master at the critical moment. A shadow must be integrated with the real person, they are like twins, making it difficult for others to distinguish between them.

Ziyu, the commander in chief of the Kingdom of Pei, was defeated by Yang Cang, a general of the Kingdom of Yan, Pei’s enemy. After being injured, Ziyu starts to use Jingzhou, the shadow he’s trained since childhood, in the court and on the battlefield. Meanwhile, Pei Liang, the king of Pei and Ziyu scheme against each other. Jingzhou, as the shadow, struggles to survive the power games of the nobles, going through all kinds of difficulties and struggles.

In Mandarin with EN sub-titles.