Please click the picture above to enjoy Blooms of Spring——Chinese New Year Concert

          Everything renews year after year. As a good start of the whole year, spring comes back with hope and happiness. Well-known for the name “Spring Festival”, the Chinese New Year is regarded as one of the most important traditional festivals for Chinese people. In this period of blossom, Jiangsu Women's National Orchestra, reputed as “the Jasmine of Chinese traditional music” will present a high-quality concert “Blooms of Spring” highlighting the prosperity and romance of the season.

          This concert aims at showing the festival mood of the Chinese New Year, delivering the good wishes and expectations of the Chinese people for the year to come, and sharing a spirit of peace and harmony with peoples all over the world. The 45-minute concert contains 5 parts including 10 pieces of music on celebrating the Chinese New Year.


1. National Orchestral MusicSpring Festival Overture

Composed by: Li Huanzhi

Chapter I  Happiness

2.National Orchestral MusicCelebrating the New Year

Composed by: Yang Chunlin

3.Flute and Orchestra Hanging Red Lantern

Composed by: Zhou Chenglong  Flute by: Tang Hao

4.National Orchestral MusicHappy Chinese Festival

Composed by: Lin Yuting

Chapter II  Blossom

5.National Orchestral Music (Spring Blossoms)Watertown and Green Field

Composed by: Gu Guanren   

6.National Orchestral Music Jasmine Flowers Are Blooming Again

Composed by: Yang Chunlin

Chapter III  Celebration

7.National Orchestral MusicBeijing's Good News Reaches Borderland Village

Composed by: Zheng Lu, Ma Hongye

8.National Orchestral MusicDance of Youth

Composed by: Yang Chunlin

9.National Orchestral MusicSpring in the South

Composed by: Wang Aikang


10.National Orchestral MusicNew Dance of the Golden Snake

Composed by: Nie Er

Recomposed by: Yang Chunlin