Title: Hi, Mom (Ni hao, Li Huanying)

Directed byJia Ling

Starring: Jia Ling, Shen Teng, Zhang Xiaofei, Chen He, Wei Xiang

Duration : 128 mins

Genre: Comedy drama

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            Synopsis: Set in 2001, "very average" student Jia experienced significant grief in her life. As a daughter she always wanted to make her mother proud, and she had finally been admitted to college; however, her mother suffered a serious accident. In a state of emotional breakdown, Jia is magically transported back to 1981 and meets a younger version of her mother. The two become inseparable, just like best friends. At the same time, she also meets a group of innocent and kind friends. Jia thought she could use her knowledge of the future to make her mother “successful” in her younger years; however, the result surprised her…

          The film is based on director Jia Ling‘s personal experience.

          In Mandarin with EN sub-titles.


Cinema: Ciné Utopia

(Address: 16 Av. de la Faiencerie, 1510 Luxembourg)

Time: 02/10/2022 19:00-21:08


Adult: €9


Season Pass(for all 6 films): €35

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